Marketing & Business

Bermond Management specializes in marketing research of B2B markets. We help to make the right management decisions, choose a business strategy, a market niche, determine effective ways to compete and points for the company's growth.

Bermond Management offers a range of marketing services that will take your business to a new level:

  • Marketing audit

  • Comprehensive market analysis

  • Consumer research

  • Identification of project risks

  • Assessment of competitors

  • Development of integrated marketing strategies

  • Development and protection of business plans

  • Compilation of databases

Advertising & Media

All of Bermond Management services come with reporting so customers know what’s being done and have information to make informed decisions:

  • Analytics and tracking

  • Conversion optimization

  • Media planning and buying

  • Search marketing (SEO)           

  • Social media marketing (SMM)


When it comes to helping customers maximise the ROI of their campaigns, our approach has one thing at its core, it's data. 

Our pay-per-click service combines the right tools with years of expertise:

  • Strategy 

  • Implementation

  • Keywords

  • Ad extensions

  • Ad copywriting

  • Shopping Ads

  • Tracking

  • PPC Optimization

  • Reporting


We develop a strategy for the implementation of positioning, we draw up an action plan. We describe the general concept of the future unified packaging of the business, focused on target groups and their needs, which includes:

  • Touchpoints

  • Communication channels

  • Stages and methods of interaction with the target audience

  • Brand visualization

  • Content creation


Strategy & Insights

Setting goals, choosing the most promising ways of development and directions of market activity from the available alternatives:

  • The positioning of goods and services

  • Assortment policy, including the development of new products and services

  • Pricing strategy

  • Sales strategy

  • Communication policy


Marketing partnerships evolved from a need to accomplish business goals outside of a single entity’s capacity. They allow businesses to leverage complementary strengths and customer bases:

  • Distribution marketing partnership

  • Sponsorship marketing partnership

  • Affinity marketing partnership

  • Affiliate marketing partnership