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Specializing in Marketing, Advertisement & Branding.






We can help define your business objectives and create the best processes and marketing strategies to achieve those goals.



Your ads need to present your brand in a fresh and appealing light while also reaching target demographic. We can help with both. 



Our branding process includes logo design, brand guidelines, and suggestions for implementation, everything necessary to present your company's new image.



We employ a range of techniques that we’ve refined over the years. We know how to diagnose a challenge to determine a way forward. The key is to simplify complexity in order to align minds and focus resources into the right areas.



By focusing on long term relationships we are able to gain a deeper understanding of organisations as they evolve, and allows us to continuously evaluate and improve marketing products and leads to the cycles between full redesigns being extended.



In these time consumers face a great number of different brands every single day. Consequently, if you want your brand to become recognizable and unique, Bermond will help you to fulfil that.

Bermond Management is a marketing agency which helps to realize and manage strategies in order to achieve business goals. No matter whether you are only starting your business or you have already been in these sphere for several years, you will be still in need of a proper marketing campaign to make your products visible for customers and promote them.

What Bermond Management can do for your business?

  • Establish a marketing strategy: we help to choose a proper strategy that will help to achieve the best results.

  • Implement management solutions: we provide help in choosing the right solutions concerning your marketing campaigns.

  • Evaluate the results of the marketing campaign: we monitor the whole process in order to get an expected outcome of the campaign.

Bermond has a team of professionals who are ready to help clients to grow their business. We have a great experience in the marketing sphere for more than 7 years. 

  • We find growth points for your business: what to improve in order to make a serious breakthrough in the short term.

  • We determine which segment of consumers will bring the company the greatest profit.

  • We define how your product should look like in order to meet the needs of the target audience better than your opponents do.

  • We select sales channels and estimate the possible sales volume in these channels. We find out how your competitors make money and how to become better than them.

  • We determine an original selling recommendation and create brand positioning.

  • We develop visual and verbal brand attributes (logo, name, label) that attract the right customer segments.

  • We develop messages that hit the main customer needs, convey the value of the product.

Bermond Management offers such marketing services as:

  • marketing audit;

  • comprehensive market analysis;

  • consumer research;

  • identification of possible risks;

  • valuation of opponents;

  • development of integrated marketing strategies;

  • development and protection of business plans;

  • compilation of databases. 


Our agency develops the advertising. We collect information, meticulously analyze it, determine the tasks of communication - and only then select a creative idea that will solve them. We perform social media marketing, tracking, conversion optimization and analytics. 


Marketing tajes s crucial part in achieving the business goals because it helps to compete with your opponents easily. That is why our company offers:

  • creating a marketing strategy: setting marketing goals and objectives, defining a promising target audience, defining a competitive advantage and positioning a company, defining tools for promoting a company in the market;

  • analysis of inconsistencies between the present marketing strategy of the company and the expected one: determination of the necessary corrective actions;

  • preparation of programs for the implementation of a marketing strategy: decisions on the necessary actions regarding the product, pricing, preparation of programs for advertising campaigns and promotions.


Bermond takes care of brands. We create new brands and improve the existing ones. It is important for us to make brands strong and well-known. We the most effective ways to care for brands: careful positionng, naming, brand visualization.​

So, if you want to promote your brand, we are here to help you!



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